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Who we are


We are unique, innovative and proud to help start-ups to become world class companies...


We open up new perspectives. We challenge, push, connect and change the game. Our Network is truly global and covers multiple verticals...


We are selective. We invest only in people, companies and products with long term dedication, commitment and trust...


We take a different path and apply new approaches to help our start-ups step out from their environment and grow rapidly...


We walk the talk. We have created a realistic and sustainable platform fund management in Europe, USA and Asia Pacific developing markets...


We are professional in doing our business. It is our ability to have Insights to predict future new and innovative business concepts. We only work with professional people who knows the business as well as us or even better then us.

About Us

  • Our journey started as Angel Investors in year 2008. Our primary investment target was in various start-up companies and some of it became very successful and public listed. When bitcoin and other Cryptocurrency was introduced, we recognised the future potential and were the pioneers to purchase bitcoins and other Cryptocurrency for investment.

    In 2015 we welcomed a new group of Cryptocurrency investors to team up with us and formed an offshore venture capital company called Xegains Ventures. We decided to invest only in High-tech companies which accept Cryptocurrency for their business transactions.

    Xegains have created a unique online base affiliate Venture Pool system where everybody can become an investor. Our ultimate aim is to provide opportunities for everyone to earn profits through Xegains Ventures. We welcome and value all our investors the same way, whether they are investor groups or individual investor.

Vision Mission

Xegains vision is to strive and generate high profits through careful and cautious investment practises to set a new standard for investor return of investment. We always ensure the company is run by the best talents and experts in the Venture Capital Industry. As a matter of fact Cryptocurrency has created a huge revolution in Technology based online market that vividly implicate the dawn of a new era. Cryptocurrency has tapped giant companies and major online business industries. Our studies have shown by using Cryptocurrency in any business transactions, millions can be saved in the following ways.

  • Taxation
  • Company overhead expenditure.
  • Payment processing cost.
  • Low transaction cost.
  • Fast, safe and secure method for international transactions.

With the teaming up of the new Cryptocurrency group, the plan to create global awareness of using Cryptocurrency and to accelerate the online business market to a higher level has been successfully implemented. In the present global market situation our team have explored and concluded that network marketing is the fastest way to spread awareness of Cryptocurrency. For that to succeed our market experts have created a unique and innovative Venture Pool for everyone to join as investor and earn in a smart way. Our mission is always to pay better profits to have investor confidence. We guide every investor to become part of our team which enables them to help others also to invest and gain profit. We provide opportunity for anyone to join as a free member and start earning by inviting investors to participate in our Venture Pool platform.

Our Team








Xegains only collaborate and provide funding to companies which has the following qualities.

A solid business plan, good management team and audited record to show proven revenue.

They must have the latest technical know about on risk management policy and the impeccable integrity for paying high comission structure. Who are willing to take advice & work closely with us to safeguard our investor’s future and to provide a stable return of investment. Partners who are pioneers, innovative and possess unique methods to expand online Cryptocurrency trading. Investment in high tech start-up companies providing very high margin of profit in a short time of period. Rapid growth of start-up companies provide Xegains the advantage to gain high profits. Our primary investment is concentrated on the high tech start-up companies which has the potential to grow & establish in the international market.

The present technology has empowered the online business because of the wide usage of Cryptocurrency.

Cryptocurrency has become the talk of the internet, online business using Cryptocurrency is the fastest developing market, no matter how challenging the economic environment. Online business activities has doubled in the past 2 years and continue to grow at unprecedented rates.

Moving with the present global trend our current and future primary focus will be to collaborate with online business partners, who are willing to accept Cryptocurrency for their business transactions.


Xegains Venture Pool platform was created to provide an innovative way for worldwide investors and net workers to earn profits. There are two ways to earn, one is through investing, while the other is through investing and networking.

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